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About Bharti

 I'm an experienced mind energy practitioner with over 10

years of experience in UAE, India, Singapore and across

the globe-via an online platform. Graduated in Arts

sciences specialising in Psychology and English Literature

from Delhi University, India, followed by a post

graduation degree in Management. Post which I gained

immense experience in the field of marketing.

Being intuitive with a strong desire to go beyond what I

knew about the human mind, I initiated my journey into

the mind sciences. I explored modalities like

Hypnotherapy, Reiki, NLP, Theta Healing, and many

more. Having had the opportunity to study, work and

teach at Illuminations- Dubai's largest & leading Well-

Being centre for Holistic Healing & Personal Growth,

I have learned from and continue to work with some

brilliant minds in this field from across the world.

All modalities that I practice are effective but the ones

closest to my heart are Energy Healing- Chakra & aura

work, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing especially

Gongs, EET, SRT, Law of attraction & Reiki

I do believe there are no coincidences in life & every

client I work with is for a higher purpose, adding more

value to my own journey.

I look forward to working with you.

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