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Chakra and Crystal Healing

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  • 1 h
  • 150 Singapore dollars
  • Tg Rhu Road|Online

Service Description

Chakra Healing is a practice that focuses on unblocking and healing the energy body. Our body is not only the physical body, in-fact we have an energy body that extends beyond the physical. The flow of this energy body impacts our physical wellbeing. Chakra Healing is a great way to bring balance and alignment in the 7 major chakras that influences all areas of life. This healing can be done in many ways and a match is selected based on what’s best suited for the individual . Chakra healing helps to deal with a variety of issues such as fear, relationship issues, money issues, trust issues, lack of confidence, fear of commitment, fear of failure , anger issues and so on. The crystal rock Each crystal develops a distinct molecular structure as it is formed under high pressure, and when crystals are formed under high pressure, they produce their vibrations or frequencies. It is thought that crystals first begin to form in the very core of the earth and contain energy from the earth, water, wind, and fire. Our body's seven primary energy points pulsate at various intensities; when any of these energy points get blocked or vibrate at a lower when compared to the ideal frequency, we experience mental and occasionally physical symptoms. In time, this type of healing can assist us in bringing more positive changes within ourselves. The vibrations of crystals, when paired with our energy centers, help us unblock and replenish ourselves. It is possible to receive crystal healing in person; this is a no-touch healing procedure in which the practitioner places the right crystals on your body per the energy center that needs to be cleansed. advantages of healing with crystals and healing stones Here are a few benefits that working with healing stones can provide you with redistributing energy points. They aid in treating mild diseases; used in conjunction with medical therapies for severe illnesses to speed up the healing process. They clear off energy blockages such as fear, limiting beliefs, rage, etc., They help us focus more and give us clarity by boosting our vibration.

Contact Details

  • 130 Tanjong Rhu Rd, Singapore

  • Singapore

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